Oasis Mexico 2000 (Post 1: MP3s)

Ten years ago i went to my 3th Oasis concert in my life and in Mexico to celebrate that i will post some rare stuff related with the gig (pics, audios, videos) and if you wanna colaborate contact me.

So the first it will be one of the exclusives for this blog since we appear back in 2008 Mexico 2000 songs non from the bootleg that appear in the web (by the way i made that recording) here is the info and what we post in 2008 enjoy.

After 8 years i found in my Oasis Mp3 cds a MEGA RARE bootleg. It has 2 Mexico songs not from the bootleg that´s been around in the net (by the way i make that boot 8 years ago), this version it´s taken from a place call elfoco as i remember it was an internet page with entertainment, the day after the gig they upload 2 videos and put a third via Real Player streaming.

At this moment in my collection only appear this 2 songs (hope to find the other).

El foco video files - Quicktime Pro export (AIFF) - Amadeus Pro (Graphic EQ) - Izotope (Denosier, Declicker,Hum Removal) - Itunes 160 kbps

The songs:

Go Let it Out
Who Feel´s Love

I rip the audio from that videos and make some audio stuff with Amadeus and Izotope Mac.