Oasis Mexico 2000 (Post 8: Newspapers)

Here are complete scans of the news about the concert on May 8th 2000.

Different sources and newspapers like Reforma, El Universal, Metro, El Heraldo de México, La Jornada, La Prensa

Oasis Mexico 2000 (Post 5: Pics 5)

Again Newspaper Pics but now from the concert.

Oasis Mexico 2000 (Post 5: Pics 4)

More Pics from various newspapers this are from the Press Conference

Press Conference Entrance Noel & Gem

Press Conference Gem

Press Conference Noel

Press Conference Noel & Gem

Oasis Mexico 2000 (Post 5: Pics 3)

From Eres Magazine Noel at Palacio de los Deportes May 8th 2000

Oasis Mexico 2000 (Post 7: Magazine)

Scans from Eres Magazine Music Special 2000

Oasis Mexico 2000 (Post 5: Pics 2)

More Oasis Pics this are from the Heraldo de México Newspaper

Oasis Mexico 2000 (Post 6: Rare Mp3)

FINALLY!!! Here are the last and rare mp3 that appear online ten years ago on elfoco.com page after the Palacio de los Deportes concert.

This one is rare i know the quality isn´t the best cause the website only stream the files and in this case it was a real player file, the audio and video are compressed but here is the other source i know exist of the concert besides the bootleg.

El foco video real audio file - Quicktime Pro export (AIFF) - Amadeus Pro (Graphic EQ) - Izotope (Denosier, Declicker,Hum Removal) - Itunes 160 kbps

Supersonic (Live at Palacio de los Deportes, Mexico May 8th 2000) Other Source

Direct Link | Mp3 160 bits | 44.100 kHz | 5 MB | 04:12

Oasis Mexico 2000 (Post 5: Pics)

Ok here are hard to find pics of the Mexico 2000 gig all of them are for my personal newspaper collection here are a few. (In the next hrs i will upload more rare pic stuff)

Ticketmaster Newspaper Ad about the gig

Promo Postal Card given at the Concert
Noel At Palacio de los Deportes, Mexico City. May 8th 2000

Oasis Mexico 2000 (Post 4: Radio Station Promos)

I remember when i was in prep school when Oasis played here in Mexico City and i used to spend all the day listened the only rock station that i was obsessed that was Radioactivo 98.5 and as a fan of the station plus a fan from hell of Oasis i recorded all the promos they made when an artist gave a concert.

Here are some pics when Liam made the interview with members of the station (Rulo, Erich Martino & Sopitas). As i remember the interview never was broadcast only a few declarations but i dont have it.

This are 3 tracks that i i found on my old Oasis Backup.
1. Radioactivo 98.5 Promo Concert

2. Orbita 105.7 Promo Concert

3. Coca-Cola Ad about the Concert

4. Who Feels love? Radioactivo 98.5 ID by Liam

Direct Link | Mp3 160 bits | 44.100 kHz | 6.5 MB | rar file

Oasis Mexico 2000 (Post 3: Remaster Bootleg)

Here is a little probe that i been working hard on this boot.

Sony HF 90 min Tape - AMADEUS PRO- IZOTOPE Hum Removal- Soundtrack Pro- M4a

Rock and Roll Star ( REMASTER May 8th 2000 Palacio de los Deportes, Ciudad de México, México)

Direct Link | M4a 192 bits | 44.100 kHz | 8.5 MB | 06:10

Oasis Mexico 2000 (Post 2: Bootleg Concert)

Here is the bootleg i recorded 10 years ago but this rip is bad as hell!! (i know is not the best quality concert but at least we have this concert). The difference between this rip and the original that appear a long time ago only copy in another audio layer the same recording and put together to make the sound more louder.

by the way i been trying for the last 10 years to remaster and make a decent version of the gig and i almost there.
Until that here is the mp3 taken from live4ever forum. I don´t know who share or who ripped but thanks for that person.

The Set list:
uckin´In the Bushes
02.Go Let IT Out

03.Who Feels Love?



07.Where Did It All go Wrong?

08.Gas Panic!

09.Roll With It

0.Stand By Me
12.Cigarettes & Alcohol
13.Don´t Look Back in Anger
14.Live Forever
15.Hey Hey, My My
16.Helter Skelter
17.Rock´N´Roll Star

The Artwork was made in 2000 by Fernando (FER011276)

Direct Link | Mirror
| Mp3 63.87 bits | 22.050 kHz | 37 MB | 82:29

Oasis Mexico 2000 (Post 1: MP3s)

Ten years ago i went to my 3th Oasis concert in my life and in Mexico to celebrate that i will post some rare stuff related with the gig (pics, audios, videos) and if you wanna colaborate contact me.

So the first it will be one of the exclusives for this blog since we appear back in 2008 Mexico 2000 songs non from the bootleg that appear in the web (by the way i made that recording) here is the info and what we post in 2008 enjoy.

After 8 years i found in my Oasis Mp3 cds a MEGA RARE bootleg. It has 2 Mexico songs not from the bootleg that´s been around in the net (by the way i make that boot 8 years ago), this version it´s taken from a place call elfoco as i remember it was an internet page with entertainment, the day after the gig they upload 2 videos and put a third via Real Player streaming.

At this moment in my collection only appear this 2 songs (hope to find the other).

El foco video files - Quicktime Pro export (AIFF) - Amadeus Pro (Graphic EQ) - Izotope (Denosier, Declicker,Hum Removal) - Itunes 160 kbps

The songs:

Go Let it Out
Who Feel´s Love

I rip the audio from that videos and make some audio stuff with Amadeus and Izotope Mac.

TIME FLIES 1994-2009

At this moment everyone of you got all the info about the next Oasis release well today in oasisinet appear the artwork of each version of the Time Flies release here are the pics.

Doble CD


Limited Edition 3 CD / DVD (contains Itunes 2009 Concert)

5 Vynil Box Set