Repost: Noel Gallagher´s Celebrity Playlist

Here is a repost of the link cause The Kettle have alot of skips so here is another mp3.

On the itunes Store Noel Gallagher choose their playlist in my opinion the tracks are mega. Here is what he said about the tracks.

The Four Horsemen "An absolute lost psychedelic classic fronted and sang by the ´70s housewives choice.

Baron Saturday "So good that i fully intend to base the rest of my career around it"

Infra Riot
"The opening track from the album Behind the Music. The album of the decade. (FACT)"

Back Door Man
"We always forget just how great the Doors were. Could´ve picked maybe a dozen classics. This one will do for now."

Quinn the Eskino (The Mighty Quinn) "The tune made famous by Manfred Mann, which is brilliant but the original? Phew... far out! This is why Dylan´s a genius."

The Artifact and Living "It´s that piano piece from the Ford Mondeo advert. Beautiful." I See the Rain "Another lost ´60s psychedelic classic. Get on the guitar solo."

The Kettle
"Don´t know nothing about these lot apart they´ve been sampled by Fatboy Slim and they all love to solo, all at the same time"

One of These Days
"Bloody awesome, old bean!"

Blue Moon
"The King. Nothing to said"

The Kettle without skips | MP3 | 128 kbps| 4 MB

Direct Link | Zip
| 54 MB

Missing song 1
| MP3 | 128 kbps| 3 MB

The Kettle (no skips)
| MP3 | 128 kbps| 4 MB

Stop Crying Your Heart Out (Director´s Cut)

Here is a really really rare version of the video it´s the Directors cut of the video with the uncensured scenes where the girl use the gasoline and light the match.

Taken from the Oil Factory directed by the great W.I.Z

I scale the video to the right frame size cause it has the wrong and flat to fix in the page format.

Direct Link | Mp4
| QuickTime H.264, 640×478 | 82 MB | 04:52

Wonderwall (Video Version 2)

Here is a RARE version of Wonderwall, its another version from the original video.

The difference with thte "Normal" is that this version is only one shot of the band sitting in front of camera while Liam sings, some take was used in the version we all know.

I recorded from the mexican music video channel Telehit it has the logo of the channel and the titles of the song, band and director.

As far i know this is one of the best quality versions that are round in the net but in case you have another better rip contact me please.

Direct Link | Part 1 | Rar | VOB | 52 MB |

Direct Link | Part 2 | Rar | VOB | 52 MB |

Direct Link | Part 3 | Rar | VOB | 52 MB |

Direct Link | Part 4 | Rar | VOB | 35 MB |

Mexico and Guadalajara 2008 rare videos

Recently appear from a Facebook user new HQ videos of the gigs the quality is really good, audience but filmed directly from the stage screens.

All the files in the same Rar

From Mexico city:

Waiting for the Rapture

The Shock of the lighting

To be Where there is life

From Guadalajara:

Don´t Look back in anger
I am the Warlus

Direct Link | Part 1 | Rar | 44.100 kHz | 102 MB |

Direct Link | Part 2 | Rar | 44.100 kHz | 102 MB |

Direct Link | Part 3 | Rar | 44.100 kHz | 102 MB |

Direct Link | Part 4 | Rar | 44.100 kHz | 102 MB |

Guadalajara 2008 (Rare Mp3)

Pic: Mario Muñoz

Sorry for been late on the updates of the blog but i been working and they don´t let me do nothing.

Well here is the story of the next rare Guadalajara 2008

One person recorded the complete concert on video in front of Liam, i meet him in Monterrey and he show me the video on his camera.

I spent 2 years in contact with him to have that rare bootleg, first the guy want to share only, then he wants 200 dls for that, next he want the Vynils LPs box for that.

As i remember was really good but spend more than 400 dls in that i dont think so.

I was trying to trade dvd bootlegs for that but he wants again 200 dls for only the audio rip or 100 dls in Pretty Green merch i decide to end contact with him saying enough of that.

Here is the only thing he gave me its rare but the quality isnt too different than the youtube version.

Direct Link | Mp3 160 bits | 44.100 kHz | 6 MB |