Noel Gallagher in Mexico City

So sorry for not being around here a long time ago. But with good news we are back with a lot of pics of Noel Gallagher here in Mexico City.

Last Saturday (March 7th) Noel arrive to Mexico City in the af
ternoon and went to 3 different places to have a drink (in one place he was drinking "mezcal" a national drink it´s like tequila but sometimes stronger) and have a good time. People says the party ends around 4 o´clock in the morning.

Today (March 8th) people went to the hotel were he stays to see him or have an autograph. And surprise most of the people have their autograph and even a pic with the "Chief" (BTW i didnt and its a huge fail hope to meet him next Tuesday)

Thanks to the mexican facebook group OASIS IS NOT A FASHION IS A LIFESTYLE for the info and pics.
And the "instagram" sources in the bar Limantour.