The Shock of the Lighting (clip) and DIg Out Your Soul Trailer

Today on the official Oasis Website publish more info of the Dig Out Your Soul album, only put on youtube a mini trailer with old oasis videos edit (in my opinion well done). But the great part is that we have one more clip of TSOTL it sound really really good.

Here are the links where you can dowload.

The Shock of the Lighting ( clip from the trailer)

Dig Out Your Soul Trailer (mp4 better quality)

Foo Fighters Wembley 2008 Missing Songs

Today appear on MSN the Foo Fighters Wembley concert (non complete and a mix of the 2 nights) we have new songs:

Cheer Up Boys

Rock and Roll (with Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones)

These are the mp3s from that videos.


Probably im the only one who read or make my blog but what a hell!

Today appear the artwork of the new oasis album DIG OUT YOUR SOUL and 20 sec of the next single THE SHOCK OF THE LIGHTING it sounds GREAT! with a lot of drums in my opinion have a little of Revolver influence on the cover and maybe the sound i repeat in my opinion.

Here is the clip of the song and on the first part of the post the new logo and artwork.

Falling Down NEW OASIS SONG!!

After weeks of info about the album, the Freanch Radio reveal the real Tracklist. WE HAVE A NEW OASIS SONG And a PLUS!!! remixed by the Chemical Brothers IT SOUND MEGA!!!!!!!, long time ago i read that Noel was mad with the Chemical Bros cause they don´t want to make a Remix of the version of Helter Skelter saying that its bad karma or something like that.

Let me tell you it sounds AMAZING and the lyrics with Noel on vocals are really good.

Here is the link

Falling Down (Chemical Bros Remix)