Mexican Mag Mitos & Leyendas

You can read the pdf by clicking the cover.

Para la gente de México desde el Sábado la venden en los puestos de periodicos cuesta 25 pesos la verdad las fotos están en baja los artículos no están del todo mal pero como colección esta buena.

Oasis, Ricky & Mexico

From mexican newpaper RECORD

Clip promoting the oasis gigs in Mexico

Taken from Radioformula U2b channel


I´m posting some news related with the band published in Reforma newspaper and in El Mural from Guadalajara.

Waiting for the gigs and hope tomorrow be at the hotel where they´ll stay here in Mexico City.

Oasis in Reforma Top Magazine

Oasis in Mexican Mag

A mexican magazine publish an article about the release of the new album (nothing great), the mag is call Marvin here are the pics:

Rare Oasis Songs

In the past days i been buying some Oasis promo stuff on Ebay (maybe i became addict) but in the rare stuff i already bought i would like to SHARE with the fans.

... There and Then Promo

1. Wonderwall (
Earls Court 04/11/95)
2. Cigarettes & AL
cohol (Maine Road 28/04/95)
3. Champagne Supernova (Knebworth 11/08/96)

Sunday Times Music Collection: Oasis

01. Gas Panic (Demo)

Daily Mirror Oasis (EP)

01. Rock N Roll Star (Live at Chicago Metro 94)
02. Up In The Sky (Live (Live at Chicago Metro 94)
03. Little By Little (Live at Finsbury Park 02)

All files are 320 kps at this moment i did´nt see the this items at this quality.

Again a Quick Peep

Blogger blogger blogger hope you just don´t down this post it´s ONLY INFO NON SALE OR DRM RIGHTS SHIT!!!!!

Oasis this Friday and Saturday play in Cologne and in Copenhagen, the gigs where broadcast worldwide via internet.

Here are the setlist for the 2 concerts:

Rock'n'Roll Star
The Shock Of The Lightning
Cigarettes & Alcohol
The Meaning Of Soul
To Be Where There's Life
Waiting For The Rapture
The Masterplan
Slide Away
Morning Glory
Ain't Got Nothin'
The Importance Of Being Idle
I'm Outta Time
Don't Look Back In Anger
Falling Down
Champagne Supernova
I Am The Walrus

You can find the boots on Oasis Forums or in Dime i wont post the links here (see the comments why)

Some pics of the Cologne Gig: