Rare Oasis Songs

In the past days i been buying some Oasis promo stuff on Ebay (maybe i became addict) but in the rare stuff i already bought i would like to SHARE with the fans.

... There and Then Promo

1. Wonderwall (
Earls Court 04/11/95)
2. Cigarettes & AL
cohol (Maine Road 28/04/95)
3. Champagne Supernova (Knebworth 11/08/96)

Sunday Times Music Collection: Oasis

01. Gas Panic (Demo)

Daily Mirror Oasis (EP)

01. Rock N Roll Star (Live at Chicago Metro 94)
02. Up In The Sky (Live (Live at Chicago Metro 94)
03. Little By Little (Live at Finsbury Park 02)

All files are 320 kps at this moment i did´nt see the this items at this quality.