Oasis Mexico 2000 (Post 2: Bootleg Concert)

Here is the bootleg i recorded 10 years ago but this rip is bad as hell!! (i know is not the best quality concert but at least we have this concert). The difference between this rip and the original that appear a long time ago only copy in another audio layer the same recording and put together to make the sound more louder.

by the way i been trying for the last 10 years to remaster and make a decent version of the gig and i almost there.
Until that here is the mp3 taken from live4ever forum. I don´t know who share or who ripped but thanks for that person.

The Set list:
uckin´In the Bushes
02.Go Let IT Out

03.Who Feels Love?



07.Where Did It All go Wrong?

08.Gas Panic!

09.Roll With It

0.Stand By Me
12.Cigarettes & Alcohol
13.Don´t Look Back in Anger
14.Live Forever
15.Hey Hey, My My
16.Helter Skelter
17.Rock´N´Roll Star

The Artwork was made in 2000 by Fernando (FER011276)

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| Mp3 63.87 bits | 22.050 kHz | 37 MB | 82:29