Oasis Mexico 2000 (Post 4: Radio Station Promos)

I remember when i was in prep school when Oasis played here in Mexico City and i used to spend all the day listened the only rock station that i was obsessed that was Radioactivo 98.5 and as a fan of the station plus a fan from hell of Oasis i recorded all the promos they made when an artist gave a concert.

Here are some pics when Liam made the interview with members of the station (Rulo, Erich Martino & Sopitas). As i remember the interview never was broadcast only a few declarations but i dont have it.

This are 3 tracks that i i found on my old Oasis Backup.
1. Radioactivo 98.5 Promo Concert

2. Orbita 105.7 Promo Concert

3. Coca-Cola Ad about the Concert

4. Who Feels love? Radioactivo 98.5 ID by Liam

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