Tales from the middle of nowhere. MEXICO

Taken from Noels blog about Oasis visit in Mexico.



We've finally made it to Mexico. That day of press in LA was great. All of us went into Indie 103 see that Sex Pistol Steve Jones. He's fuckin' great, Jonesy. We had a top laugh. The show descended into farce when he ran an impromptu competition to win tickets to come see Oasis next week. Fuckin' funny.

Sven-Göran Eriksson's coming to the show tonight! Can't wait.

We seem to have lost Ricky Hatton in a sea of Guinness. Fuck knows where he is. Hope he makes it.

Well up for this tonight. 22,000! SOLD OUT!! It only holds 16,000!! AY, CARAMBA!!

In a bit.


Well, Ricky turned up. Sven didn't. Mexico have lost a couple of games and apparently he's not flavour of the month. He thought it would be best if he didn't play out. He sends his regards though. Shame. I loved that man. Gig wasn't all that, to be honest. We haven't played for 2 weeks and it felt like it. Nursing a sore head today. Sat up most of the night drinking with Ricky. Feeling it now though. Good job we've got a day off. Not in any fit shape to do anything other than stay in bed and watch TV, which is exactly what I'm doing. Flying to Guadalajara tonight. Gonna get me some room service now, so...hasta luego. GD.


What happened there then? Seem to have missed a couple of days! That'll teach me to try keeping up with Ricky Hatton (safe journey home, lad - it's been a fuckin' pleasure!).

Been in Guadalajara for the last 48 hours (or is it 24? Fuck knows, I can't remember).

Met a woman at Mexico airport who asked me could I get her son any tickets for last night's gig.

"Tickets? Not my bag, love. I can put him on the guest list though?

"Tell him to bring i.d." I said. "Just in case there's any problemos".

"I.d.?" says the woman. "He has no i.d.. He's only 6!!"


City won away in Europe. Wonders never cease, etc. Fuck that "orange" kit though. Actually, its official title is "Blaze"! Either way, it's horrible. Get rid.

Couldn't tell you what the show was like last night. The crowd were so loud I couldn't hear much of anything else. They seemed to enjoy it so it's all good, I expect.

Incidentally, I may have tasted the greatest can of Guinness of all time last night. Quite unbelievable.

Just about to fly to Monterey. Not the one where they had that festival in the 60s (that's in California), but the real one about 5 hours from here.

Gotta plane to catch.

Hasta luego.



Just waking up in Monterey. What a day! The sun has go his hat on. Beautiful sunrise.

Nervously waiting on this very phone for updates on the score of the Manchester derby. Can't see us getting anything today. 0-0 would be perfectly acceptable.

Done a photo shoot yesterday in some shady neighbourhood. Wot's-iz-name shit himself from start to finish. He doesn't seem to like being out on the streets even if we're surrounded by 6 armed guards.

BOLLOCKS!! Little Spongebob Rooney's just scored. Typical clown-ish behaviour in the box apparently.

Now here's a thing. In Mexico right, the hombres who flog the bootleg t-shirts etc. have been selling Man Utd shirts with their shit badge and the Oasis logo side by side on the front and GALLAGHER and a big no. 10 on the back?! MAN UTD SHIRTS!!!! That's out-fuckin'-rageous.

The gig was great - give or take the odd freestyle cock up.

Half time. Shit-cunts - 1. City - 0.

Flying back to LA today. Gonna be based there for a week. Cue torrential rain, no doubt. Gotta go via Dallas international airport. Immigration officials haven't taken too kindly to me the last couple of times I've been in transit there - what with me being an evil genius'n'all. I'm steeling myself for a game of cat and mouse with whoever they send to deal with me this time.

My missus is waiting for me in California with my boy so it'll all be worthwhile.

Adios Mexico.

Hasta luego, and all that.


PS - The match finished 1-0 to the squares.