Re-Post Radio Edits 320 kps

Again I don´t know what happend with the past post.

Here are the complete Radio edits of oasis songs, taken from the page that use to share this with the fans, all are Promo Cds rips from oasis radio edits.

The list:

Live Forever
Rock 'N' Roll Star
Some Might Say
Morning Glory
Don't Look Back In Anger
Champagne Supernova
D'You Know What I Mean?
Stand By Me
All Around The World
Don´t Go Away
The Masterplan (1998)
Who Feels Love?
Sunday Morning Call
Hey Hey, My My
Stop Crying Your Heart Out
Little By Little
Lyla (Version 1)
Lyla (Version 2)
Let There Be Love
The Masterplan (2006)
Acquiesce (2006)
Lord Don't Slow Me Down
The Shock Of The Lightning
Falling Down (Chemical Bros Remix)
I´m Outta of Time

*** Post I´m Outta of Time at 320 kbps thanks to Big Brother Recordingd Ltd

Missing Gas Panic! & The Importance of Being Idle (non 320)


zombiedamon said...

Could you reupload this please?

Chet said...

Can you PLEASE reupload these edits? Thanks in advance.