Noel Gallagher in MTV Latin 1998

Here are the 2 songs that Noel performed in 1998 on MTV Latin Studios in a program call Hora Prima.
The rar contains FLAC files (as i know its the best rips around the web) Don´t go Away its taken form the official VHS from MTV Latin appear on 1999 and Help taken from my DVD rip.

It´s been a little confused the exact date but i can confirm that is 05 /02 /98 and it was aired on 19/02/98.

Don´t Go Away (MTV Latin 98)| Rar | FLAC| 29 MB

Help (MTV Latin 98)| Rar | FLAC| 29 MB


schorman said...

Which video is "Don't Go Away" from? I've been looking for an official release of this, but I can't seem to find one. What is the title? Thanks