Falling Down by WIZ

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The collaboration between Oasis and WIZ has had its ups and downs lately. So thank the Lord the video for Falling Down has now successfully emerged unscathed. Because it’s a genuine, proper WIZ music film. Not surprisingly considering the subject matter its attracting a lot of attention: the sex-and-drugs shenanigans of a royal family member among the ‘lower orders’ – a contemporary Princess Margaret if you like – who joins the actual Windsor clan on the balcony at Buck House at the end. Hats off to New York Magazine’s Vulture blog which hails the Falling Down video as a throwback to the ambitious sweep of the ‘golden age’ of videos, and says “like all great music videos, it successfully draws a conceptual outline while leaving the viewer to paint his or her own conclusions. Which is to say: it’s sensual, it’s psychological, it’s political. And it’s goddamn great music video-making. No-one does it quite like WIZ.

Oasis Falling Down (Big Brother)
Prod co: Factory Films
Director: WIZ
Producer: Ben Cooper
DoP: Daniel Landin

Editor: Tom Lindsay

Grade: Tom Russell at Prime Focus

Online: Prime Focus

Client: Big Brother Recordings

Watch: Quicktime movie