Repost Mexico 2000 (Rare Source)

I post it again cause the files are down.

After 8 years i found in my Oasis Mp3 cds a MEGA RARE bootleg. It has 2 Mexico songs not from the bootleg that´s been around in the net (by the way i make that boot 8 years ago), this version it´s taken from a place call elfoco as i remember it was an internet page with entertainment, the day after the gig they upload 2 videos and put a third via Real Player streaming.

At this moment in my collection only appear this 2 songs (hope to find the other).

El foco video files - Quicktime Pro export (AIFF) - Amadeus Pro (Graphic EQ) - Izotope (Denosier, Declicker,Hum Removal) - Itunes 160 kbps

The songs:

Go Let it Out
Who Feel´s Love
Supersonic (Missing)

I rip the audio from that videos and make some audio stuff with Amadeus and Izotope Mac.