Foo Fighters Live at Wembley Stadium 2008 (BBC Webcast)

Yesterday in BBC Radio 1 broadcast 13 tracks form their gigs in Wembley Stadium, the date still a mistery but as i read some reviews on NME apparently its from 2nd night (but not sure i wasn´t there, i will kill for that jeje).

They didn´t broadcast the songs that the Foo play with Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones,  as i listen the Dj comments its something about legal problems with Led Zep lawyers or something like that.

The quality it´s really really good hope you like it, it´s my rip version taken form the webcast, I already separate in tracks, plus some comments of Dave about what´s its to be in the band and Metallica´s Seek and Destroy song)

BBC Radio 1 Webcast - Audio hijack for MAC  (AIFF) - Amadeus Pro - 320kps MP3


cyberpunk84 said...

06/06 or 06/07 concert!?

Daniel said...

i think its a mix of the 2