I don´t know whats grong with Blogger the last 2 post i put on the blog are taken down i didn´t put anything against the law only SHARE videos and audios FROM OTHERS. Not any with a benefit for my person I DONT WANT TO SHARE OFFICIAL STUFF, AS I POST IN MY PAST A QUICK PEEP:


If this affect to the "blogger ideology" ok lets make it in another way. I ONLY WANT TO SHARE NOT DOING BY MY BENEFIT.

So i hope we need to wait a little until "blogger" understand this is blog only SHARE STUFF like BOOTLEGS.


I don´t know what haped but the post of the London Oasis Rehearsal it´s been down, via mail i got a notification of blogger saying:

Blogger has been notified, according to the terms of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), that certain content in your blog infringes upon the copyrights of others. The URL(s) of the allegedly infringing post(s) may be found at the end of this message. The notice that we received, with any personally identifying information removed, will be posted online by a service called Chilling Effects at

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Ok so i hope in future post don´t take down the stuff we share with the fans like BOOTLEGS, rare versions, i think it was the edge stuff.

In a bit.

Oasis Liverpool 2008 First night.

Info taken from the best oasis-news website about yesterday first Oasis gig in the UK. Heres the Set list:

Fucking In The Bushes
Rock N Roll Star
The Shock Of The Lightning
Cigarettes And Alcohol
Meaning Of Soul
To Be Where There's Life
Waiting For The Rapture
The Masterplan (Full Band, not Acoustic)
Slide Away
Morning Glory
Ain't Got Nothing
The Importance Of Being Idle
Soldier On
My Big Mouth
Don't Look Back In Anger (Acoustic)
Falling Down
Champagne Supernova
I Am The Walrus

Again thanks to stopcryingyourheartoutnews

Video from ATT Blue Room

Here´s a video taken from ATT Blue Romm of the NY Behind the Scenes subway performers.

Oasis checks out subway performers who are covering their songs (1/3)

The guys from Oasis talk about being discovered (2/3)

The guys from Oasis talk about the writing process for their new album Dig Out Your Soul (3/3)

Dowloads (Part 1), (Part2), (Part3)

New Reforma Mexico Concert Ads

Here are the ads that appear on the mexican newspaper Reforma.

Oasis Radio Edits at 320 kps

Again I don´t know what happend with the past post.

Here are the complete Radio edits of oasis songs, taken from the page that use to share this with the fans, all are Promo Cds rips from oasis radio edits.

The list:

Live Forever
Rock 'N' Roll Star
Some Might Say
Morning Glory
Don't Look Back In Anger
Champagne Supernova
D'You Know What I Mean?
Stand By Me
All Around The World
Don´t Go Away
The Masterplan (1998)
Who Feels Love?
Sunday Morning Call
Hey Hey, My My
Stop Crying Your Heart Out
Little By Little
Lyla (Version 1)
Lyla (Version 2)
Let There Be Love
The Masterplan (2006)
Acquiesce (2006)
Lord Don't Slow Me Down
The Shock Of The Lightning
Falling Down (Chemical Bros Remix)
I´m Outta of Time

*** Post I´m Outta of Time at 320 kbps

Missing Gas Panic! & The Importance of Being Idle (non 320)


Yesterday i already bought DOYS in the mexican music store Mixup it cost me 18 dollars aprox.
It´s really really good i notice some mistakes in the cover (print low resolution issues) it think Sony Mexico don´t have in HQ the cover art and make this really bad mistake the art cover its pixelated i hope soon the repair this mistake.
Here are the pics if you are from Mexico go and buy it since yesterday (friday) its been sale.

The back

Repost Mexico 2000 (Rare Source)

I post it again cause the files are down.

After 8 years i found in my Oasis Mp3 cds a MEGA RARE bootleg. It has 2 Mexico songs not from the bootleg that´s been around in the net (by the way i make that boot 8 years ago), this version it´s taken from a place call elfoco as i remember it was an internet page with entertainment, the day after the gig they upload 2 videos and put a third via Real Player streaming.

At this moment in my collection only appear this 2 songs (hope to find the other).

El foco video files - Quicktime Pro export (AIFF) - Amadeus Pro (Graphic EQ) - Izotope (Denosier, Declicker,Hum Removal) - Itunes 160 kbps

The songs:

Go Let it Out
Who Feel´s Love
Supersonic (Missing)

I rip the audio from that videos and make some audio stuff with Amadeus and Izotope Mac.